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Hi! I’m  Sebastián Seifert and you are really welcome to my website! You can visit here my present and past projects which are my digital footprint.

I am a multimedia creator and explorer, a music producer, a media designer and a world traveller. I am from the big city of Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, where I was born. Actually I live and work in my beloved Barcelona, since 2002. However, I consider myself a citizen of the world, because I am always travelling and living almost like a digital nomad.

I have different jobs because I like to be involved in various field’s projects, but most of the time I work at RANDOMIKA, my multimedia consulting company, where I am the founder and project manager.

I am also a full time electronic music producer with my project MICROFEEL, wich keeps me travelling and touring the planet with my audiovisual live-set in festivals like MUTEK, SONAR, SZIGET, CTM, and many cultural venues, art galleries, clubs, castles, churches, gardens, abandoned factories and other inusual places. Microfeel works with textures and filtered emotions meshed with different ambients, IDM, experimental sounds, and a language which evokes a grand visual design. Even though electronic music is the base of my work, I have the will to transcend genres and disciplines.

I like to be involved in interesting scoring projects for soundtracks, dance, videogames, and theatre. I also collaborate with Zynthian the open source digital synthesizer as beta tester, featured artist and promoter, an amazing music technology project from Barcelona.

You can listen to my music at Soundcloud (yes, you will find me also at Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music, and many others) and browse my Bandcamp to buy it without intermediary and help me keep on working out.


– Thanks!