An inner and outer search towards the essence of our own creation and a sound journey that immerses us in a cosmovisionary walk through electronic and cinematic music.


“It all started at the solstice of the austral summer of December 2013, on a beach in Uruguay where I began to conceive the idea of ​​this album and the audiovisual concert.

A couple of friends invited me to Cabo Polonio after a concert I had made at the University of Fine Arts in Montevideo, Uruguay.

In this beautiful, desolate and enigmatic place I conceived, listening to the sea, seeing the dunes with cows and wild horses, an idea that seemed at that moment impossible but that the will made it come true shortly: To live a time of nomadic search, even if it is fleeting and intermittent, looking for that light that illuminates us. So I embarked on a journey through different places that contributed to the concept of this metaphor of the inner journey.”