“ In Fractal Listening, any attempt at stylistic corseting is diluted in the hybridization of artistic languages. Thus, the fractal images dialogue with acoustic and electronic sounds in an interweaving of infinite kinesthetic notes. In this way, abstract figures in strident colors outline mandalas and enigmatic portals, piercing the virtual canvas with three-dimensional shapes that evoke sacred geometry. This incessant algorithmic repetition generated by pre-established codes, sometimes follows a visual choreography and other times -altered by the frequencies of live sound- it improvises an organic dance, introducing variations to the original pattern. Simultaneously, the sound dimension is embodied in layers and loops, intertwining the electronic bases of IDM, ambient and experimental with the live chords of a guitar. Intervening the work, a trumpet interprets vibrant and moving jazz melodies with harmonics that generate sensations of body and spirit, closing the virtuous circle with a sensory, immersive and enveloping atmosphere.

In 2019, Microfeel & Santiago Bartolomé began their collaborative work with the aim of furthering their respective creative pursuits. This path of experimentation materialized in different artistic proposals. In 2021 they created the live show AV Fractal Listening, the work combines digital art, electronic music and the guitar of the multimedia artist Microfeel (Sebastián Seifert) with the trumpet and processes of the musician and composer Santiago Bartolomé.