“The installation is based on the physical space of an interactive toilet. A journey through the many contradictions of technology as a tool of comfort, cleanliness, and future. The installation is done through ironic and narrative documentary interactive experiences at public toilets.”


“As part of my thesis, RANDOM ART INTERACTIVE MEDIA SYSTEMS at the Master in Interactive Systems and Digital Arts, I made this piece inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s FONTAINE and DADAISM.

Based on real interactive toilets that already exist in Japan, I twirl this concept into a dirty experience, sarcasm and criticism on the use of technology.

I created an interactive installation on a real WC toilet. I compiled sounds, poems, photos, editable image effects.

The footage came from public WC’s from train stations, airplanes, bars,… I combined all in a tactile random interface. The software allowed the user to interact with all the documented media and also draw graffitis and save them in a gallery .